Catalogo Anima - Collezione NODE shower detail 2
Catalogo Anima - Collezione NODE porta salviette

The Company

To be able to interpret a domestic environment which has always been regarded as a place where one’s intimacy is prided and hand it the role of a personalised dimension where you can feel safe and warm and revel in total relaxation and awareness. In other words, the objective of the collection designed by the pencil strokes of a noted and well-respected name in the bathroom sector, Paolo D’Arrigo, who has used his vision to get to the core of the most recent trends in modern-day living.

The Anima concept is based on design excellence, superb materials and top-level production. It is the connection to the territory and an industrial sector more usually occupied in the manufacture and crafting of furniture, metals and tapware that give rise to the idea of a ramified collaboration, a sort of networked company and modern way of doing business.

By drawing on local talent and skill, Anima was produced in three sites situated in factories in the North and Central Italy, all of which are long-standing, renowned businesses in their own different sectors of furniture making, accessories and decorative heating and tapware.  

The Dune, Mode and Mide collections owe their creation to talented design and production, a coherent philosophy and loving care of each process, whether styling or production. They blend form and function and provide a new way of bathroom living, soulfully devoted to the body.

The complete bathroom

The bathroom furnishing collections Dune, Node and Mide by Anima are the concrete expression of beauty that – naturally available in various models that suit every and any taste, all top quality and eye-catching – is totally represents the original creative idea: to design pieces that were individual and true, each to its own form, exemplary of a philological approach which links back to modern day life.

Cabinets, shower boxes, tapware, accessories, decorative heating and mirrors – envisaged and crafted in detail and manufactured with care and attention – liberate their all-Italian nature which is evident in the design culture, knowinglymixed technological innovation and craftsmanship, use of top quality materials and finish and the absolute attention to detail and eco-sustainability.

Catalogo Anima - Collezione MIDE soap dispenser
Catalogo Anima - Collezione MIDE shower detail