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  • DUPS-30135

    DUNE – Suspended cabinets

    An extremely useful 5-section cabinet with doors in solid wood and touch- opening by simply caressing its sumptuous surface.

  • DUPG

    DUNE – Open cabinets

    Open cabinets-3 section

    A smaller version with 3 sections and
    once again, it can be wall-mounted using sunken fixings. It is available in a vertical or horizontal version.

  • DUSG-19060

    DUNE – Plain mirrors

    A very minimalist idea of enormous effect, these no-frame mirrors, too, have backlighting with a Led-sunlight system and come in a variety of lengths, 45 and 60 cm in height.

  • DUMG-120

    DUNE – Free-standing washbasin

    Clinical design and superb materials for the free-standing washbasin, equipped with adjustable sunken supports for wall mounting.

    All DUNE furniture is made of solid teak or durmast.

  • DUSC-12060

    DUNE – Framed mirrors

    Backlighting through a built-in Led-sunlight system, these mirrors are made extra special by the outer frame in solid wood and Teknostone.

  • NOS

    NODE – Mirrors

    Beauty with no equal and fantastic performance: NODE mirrors and their LED lighting system on three sides, plus shelves that perfectly slide into the structure.

  • DURP

    DUNE – Mixer tap

    Wall-mounted washbasin mixer tap

    Made of stainless steel, with the latest progressive cartridge systems, this washbasin mixer tap answers the eco-friendly requirements of the DUNE collection.

    Available in stainless steel scotch brite or matt white finish.


    NODE – Washbasin cabinets

    A changeable solution, with or without a towel rail, for freestanding washbasins or those housed in the Teknostone top.

  • NOD-01

    NODE – Multi-function shower tower

    Lightweight to the max and top standard innovation for this all-in-one shower column that manages to incorporate a showerhead, a waterfall spray, two side-jets and a hand shower in a very thin unit indeed.

    The special mounting system for the 8mm glass cabinet walls allow super versatility of positioning and they can be installed on the shower tray or on the floor.

  • MISM

    MIDE – Mirror and shelf

    The same technical features but with a deeper framework which doubles as a shelf.

  • DUMS-120

    DUNE – Washbasin and cabinet

    Convenience with no ties, the washbasin comes with a roomy drawer unit with touch-opening, sculpted just where you need to push.

  • NOPG

    NODE – Open cabinets

    Columns designed purposely to go with the washbasin cabinets and mirrors to give a co-ordinated, in-tone bathroom.