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    NODE – Accessories

    They match the rest of the collection in style and form and the variety can satisfy all furnishing demands.

    Completely made of brass, they suit a multitude of settings and donate beauty thanks to their wide-ranging colors and plating.

  • MIMI

    MIDE – Cabinets for washbasin

    Modular and high quality craftsmanship for these drawer cabinets, in a version with Teknostone top and sculpted niche for an incorporated washbasin.

  • NOP

    NODE – Suspended cabinets

    Storing stuff has never been so enjoyable! A wide range of dimensions and optimum compatibility with the other furniture in the series means you can make any combination you like.

  • DUMS-120

    DUNE – Washbasin and cabinet

    Convenience with no ties, the washbasin comes with a roomy drawer unit with touch-opening, sculpted just where you need to push.

  • DUMT-190

    DUNE – Suspended Washbasin top

    The DUNE top, only 24mm thick, is an innovative and versatile touch to any bathroom. It has various lengths and can have the washbasin off-centre, the whole thing suspended via support struts in stainless steel.

  • NOS

    NODE – Mirrors

    Beauty with no equal and fantastic performance: NODE mirrors and their LED lighting system on three sides, plus shelves that perfectly slide into the structure.

  • DUMG-120

    DUNE – Free-standing washbasin

    Clinical design and superb materials for the free-standing washbasin, equipped with adjustable sunken supports for wall mounting.

    All DUNE furniture is made of solid teak or durmast.

  • DURP

    DUNE – Mixer tap

    Wall-mounted washbasin mixer tap

    Made of stainless steel, with the latest progressive cartridge systems, this washbasin mixer tap answers the eco-friendly requirements of the DUNE collection.

    Available in stainless steel scotch brite or matt white finish.


    NODE – Washbasin cabinets with drawers

    They were designed to suit all tastes and these NODE washbasin cabinets with drawers and doors do just that. They come in a number of versions for freestanding washbasins or those housed in the Teknostone top.

  • DUPS-30135

    DUNE – Suspended cabinets

    An extremely useful 5-section cabinet with doors in solid wood and touch- opening by simply caressing its sumptuous surface.

  • MIS

    MIDE – Mirrors

    Elegance and leading edge technology with perimetral LED illumination for shaped mirror faces.


    MIDE – Freestanding accessories

    All the stops pulled out for this series of accessories in thick aluminium plate and brass detail.