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  • MIRP

    MIDE – Tapware

    Precise, winning shapes for a tapware range that has a magic dialogue with the rest of the furniture collection. They all come with rectangular aerators and latest generation joystick cartridges.

  • NOS

    NODE – Mirrors

    Beauty with no equal and fantastic performance: NODE mirrors and their LED lighting system on three sides, plus shelves that perfectly slide into the structure.


    NODE – Accessories

    They match the rest of the collection in style and form and the variety can satisfy all furnishing demands.

    Completely made of brass, they suit a multitude of settings and donate beauty thanks to their wide-ranging colors and plating.

  • NOG-30

    NODE – Stool

    Unbridled quality, solidity and ease of use are all features of the NODE stools, even for sitting in the shower in the version in Teknosotone.

  • MISM

    MIDE – Mirror and shelf

    The same technical features but with a deeper framework which doubles as a shelf.

  • NOT

    NODE – Towel lamp

    Another novel idea, rather iconic, too, is the electric towel heater, a fab new idea for a lamp that can be placed anywhere.

  • MIT-35

    MIDE – Decorative radiators

    Mide radiators are like impressive brass monoliths, yet their rounded edges make them look lightweight and along with panels in aluminium, not only is their lifetime practically eternal, but their yield is fantastic.

  • MIP17

    MIDE – Vertical cabinets

    A vast choice in many different sizes, square or vertical and slim-fit or not so that even little bathrooms can gain that designer elegance.

  • MIMI

    MIDE – Cabinets for washbasin

    Modular and high quality craftsmanship for these drawer cabinets, in a version with Teknostone top and sculpted niche for an incorporated washbasin.


    NODE – Tapware

    The innovation is surprising and the NODE tapware range has a new look and function for all to copy, thanks to its two in-line mini-aerators.

    They mean small and unusual styling.

  • DUSC-12060

    DUNE – Framed mirrors

    Backlighting through a built-in Led-sunlight system, these mirrors are made extra special by the outer frame in solid wood and Teknostone.

  • DURP

    DUNE – Mixer tap

    Wall-mounted washbasin mixer tap

    Made of stainless steel, with the latest progressive cartridge systems, this washbasin mixer tap answers the eco-friendly requirements of the DUNE collection.

    Available in stainless steel scotch brite or matt white finish.