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  • NOT

    NODE – Towel lamp

    Another novel idea, rather iconic, too, is the electric towel heater, a fab new idea for a lamp that can be placed anywhere.

  • NOPG

    NODE – Open cabinets

    Columns designed purposely to go with the washbasin cabinets and mirrors to give a co-ordinated, in-tone bathroom.

  • MISM

    MIDE – Mirror and shelf

    The same technical features but with a deeper framework which doubles as a shelf.

  • MIT-35

    MIDE – Decorative radiators

    Mide radiators are like impressive brass monoliths, yet their rounded edges make them look lightweight and along with panels in aluminium, not only is their lifetime practically eternal, but their yield is fantastic.


    NODE – Washbasin cabinets with drawers

    They were designed to suit all tastes and these NODE washbasin cabinets with drawers and doors do just that. They come in a number of versions for freestanding washbasins or those housed in the Teknostone top.

  • DUTS

    DUNE – Decorative radiator

    Decorative radiator and towel rail

    Small and chic, thanks to the totally brass radiator, the DUNE decorative heating systems can produce 650W. They are available with a cover panel in scotch brite finish or matt white.

  • DUMT-190

    DUNE – Suspended Washbasin top

    The DUNE top, only 24mm thick, is an innovative and versatile touch to any bathroom. It has various lengths and can have the washbasin off-centre, the whole thing suspended via support struts in stainless steel.

  • NOMC2-100

    NODE – Cabinets with drawers

    In line with the compose-ability of NODE, these drawer cabinets blend well with the other furniture in the collection to provide endless variations of composition.

  • MIS

    MIDE – Mirrors

    Elegance and leading edge technology with perimetral LED illumination for shaped mirror faces.


    NODE – Tapware

    The innovation is surprising and the NODE tapware range has a new look and function for all to copy, thanks to its two in-line mini-aerators.

    They mean small and unusual styling.

  • DUPS-30135

    DUNE – Suspended cabinets

    An extremely useful 5-section cabinet with doors in solid wood and touch- opening by simply caressing its sumptuous surface.


    MIDE – Accessories

    All the stops pulled out for this series of accessories in thick aluminium plate and brass detail.
    The multi-function tracking system allows a lot of composition freedom and components can be hooked up to each other easily.