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  • NOSP

    NODE – Mirrors plus

    They have the same technical features but a touch more innovation besides in the form of a towel rail underneath.

  • DURP

    DUNE – Mixer tap

    Wall-mounted washbasin mixer tap

    Made of stainless steel, with the latest progressive cartridge systems, this washbasin mixer tap answers the eco-friendly requirements of the DUNE collection.

    Available in stainless steel scotch brite or matt white finish.


    NODE – Freestanding accessories

    They match the rest of the collection in style and form and the variety can satisfy all furnishing demands.

    Completely made of brass, they suit a multitude of settings and donate beauty thanks to their wide-ranging colors and plating.


    NODE – Washbasin cabinets

    A changeable solution, with or without a towel rail, for freestanding washbasins or those housed in the Teknostone top.

  • MIS

    MIDE – Mirrors

    Elegance and leading edge technology with perimetral LED illumination for shaped mirror faces.


    MIDE – Accessories

    All the stops pulled out for this series of accessories in thick aluminium plate and brass detail.
    The multi-function tracking system allows a lot of composition freedom and components can be hooked up to each other easily.

  • DUPG

    DUNE – Open cabinets

    Open cabinets-3 section

    A smaller version with 3 sections and
    once again, it can be wall-mounted using sunken fixings. It is available in a vertical or horizontal version.

  • MIP17

    MIDE – Vertical cabinets

    A vast choice in many different sizes, square or vertical and slim-fit or not so that even little bathrooms can gain that designer elegance.

  • MIMC

    MIDE – Cabinets

    In line with the compose-ability of MIDE, these drawer cabinets blend well with the other furniture in the collection to provide endless variations of composition.

  • NOT

    NODE – Towel lamp

    Another novel idea, rather iconic, too, is the electric towel heater, a fab new idea for a lamp that can be placed anywhere.

  • DUPS-30135

    DUNE – Suspended cabinets

    An extremely useful 5-section cabinet with doors in solid wood and touch- opening by simply caressing its sumptuous surface.

  • DUTS

    DUNE – Decorative radiator

    Decorative radiator and towel rail

    Small and chic, thanks to the totally brass radiator, the DUNE decorative heating systems can produce 650W. They are available with a cover panel in scotch brite finish or matt white.